Expand Your Organization With Common Ground Coworking Area

The Common Ground Experience

Since its introduction in 2017, Common Ground grew progressively and won an award in 2019 for Best Coworking Space in the ASEAN Rice Bowl Startup Awards. Four main products are readily available: private office, shared office rental, fixed desk, co sharing space and virtual office. Common Ground has existing offices in Malaysia, Thailand, as well as the Philippines.

Beyond the benefits of locating a sense of community within coworking spaces, it can be cost-saving and cheap. If you’re starting a company, this may be a good way to lessen your initial charges. Coworking spaces are also usually identified everywhere in the city or country, so you can actually work anytime.

Common Ground’s private places of work come many incentives- the space is broken free the fixed desks; additionally, the office itself may be accessed 24/7 and secured for additional security. A complimentary 12 hours is extended available in our meeting rooms. Printing extras include 500 pages of black & white printing or 100 pages of colour printing.

Common Ground

Renting an office space is a wonderful option for any company, both commencing and established. Rather than worrying about monthly payments, you can now concentrate on building your business to its best perspective. Having a specialist business enterprise address in an exceedingly central, readily available place is usually great while confronting clients!

Get special, members-only discount rates on all our occasions with the Common Ground fixed desk deal. The deal also consists of 24/7 accessibility to your favourite fixed desk location and an appreciation 5 hours access to our meeting places. We offer lower worldwide calls if necessary as well.

An online office provides you with all of the benefits of a physical location, with no fees or you required to be physically present! With Common Ground’s virtual office package deal, you can obtain a professional company address in addition to a business residential business number. If you require a meeting room or workspace, we are also thrilled to provide reductions in price for you at any venue.

Join the Common Ground community right away! We have more information on the fixed desk, private office, and office rental on the website. You can also register for a free of charge visit and experience at any of our locations- take a look at the online reservation form to set up one today! Head over to https://www.commonground.work/ for more information on co sharing space.