PUMA: Forever Faster

Immerse into the world of sports with PUMA, one of the world’s leading sports brands with a history of more than 70 years. PUMA is passionate about delivering quality sporting goods, golf shoes and apparel for football, golf, basketball, etc. PUMA enhances their brand image by drawing inspiration from its unique heritage in sports and the latest lifestyle trends.

PUMA’s Story

In 1919, the Dassler Brothers started their shoe factory in their parent’s home, which grew and evolved into the world-renowned PUMA today. The brand had gained notoriety since Jesse Owens sported Dassler spikes and won four gold medals during the 1936 Olympic Games. More athletes wore PUMA shoes and apparel in subsequent world sporting events, crafting a global reputation for the brand.


PUMA Sports: Functionality & Leisure

PUMA put the fun in functionality by supplying a wide selection of well-designed sports apparel for sports and leisure activities. From running shoes for track and field to footwear for golf, PUMA boasts a range of comfortable sports apparel and equipment to help you perform on the playing field while incorporating sports into your lifestyle with stylish sportswear that can be worn anywhere.

Practising Sustainability Through Sports

PUMA is committed to making better products and contributing to a better environment and society. By working with stakeholders on the 10FOR25 sustainability strategy, they aim to do better across various sustainability areas, including Fair Income, Products, Health & Safety, and more — doing their part to deliver better products and contribute to a better world.

PUMA Innovation

PUMA aims to always bring better and unique innovations to sports for game-changing athletes. In 1984, the RS-Computer Shoe was created in the PUMA Running Studio, where the team leveraged computer technology to create better running shoes. Today, PUMA continues experimenting with digital technology to bring out the best in athletes.

PUMA #Reform

Racial and social imbalances have skewed criminal justice systems — this is why PUMA supports organisations like REFORM Alliance and the ACLU to advocate for reforms to a broken system. PUMA golf shoes take a firm stance against societal injustice, discrimination and inequality and aim to support good causes for a better society.

LBS Bina’s Dengkil Project: Kita @ Cybersouth

Property In Malaysia: A Short Overview

The real-estate market is huge and assorted in Malaysia. Landed houses, retail buildings and high-rise apartments, these mission shape entire neighborhoods in the country. Local governments offer unique financial efforts like loans, subsidies and schemes to entice Malaysians to obtain their unique dream beli rumah di Putrajaya home.

LBS Bina: Developing Spaces And Communities

Since LBS listing in Bursa Malaysia in 2002, they have a perception of becoming a global developer optimizing neighborhood living with perfect spaces. LBS’ projects include residences, retail outlet units and even the tourism industry. For their spectacular job, they’ve experienced numerous awards and achievements like Malaysia Property Awards and Top 10 Developers in Malaysia.

Landed Terrace Houses By Kita @ Cybersouth

Landed homes like terrace houses is found at Kita @ Cyberhouse. Kita Bayu and Kita Harmoni are four bedroom and 3 bathroom double-storey homes. With a built-up from 1,447 sq. ft., these homes are ideal for loved ones. The roomy internal and gratifying living environment are good for families to progress and expand.

LBS Cybersouth

Kita Bayu Townhouses In Cybersouth

This double-storey townhouse in Cybersouth features three bedrooms and two bathrooms. With 1,346 sq. ft. on the lower unit and 1483 sq. ft. on the top unit, this is the eye-catching and cosy choice for landed real estate properties. The top unit features balcony too which means you can benefit from and relax a spectacular sight, even on a landed home.

Kita Impian Apartments

High-rise homes at Cybersouth is definitely the Kita Impian. These serviced apartments along with a built-up of 551 sq. ft. & 901 sq. ft. have facilities like pools, gym, barbeque pit, sports courts etc. The Kita Impian apartments create a perfect selection for first-time Malaysian real estate buyers.

Perks Of Living Within A Strategic Location

Appreciate the rewards staying in a ideal place. Kita @ Cybersouth is located in Dengkil, putting you close to Putrajaya and Cyberjaya. Several services nearby like retail parks, hospitals and government service offices improve the living connection with communities in Cybersouth.

Kita @ Cybersouth: A Bumiputra Reserve Development

Kita @ Cybersouth is a gated and safeguarded township sited on Malay reserved land totalling about 633 acres. This development containing commercial and household units is set to serve Malaysian family members and communities to build everlasting memories through LBS’ dedication towards quality and imaginative spaces.

LBS Bina’s Upcoming Projects

Pay attention to several other LSB projects in the Klang Valley. SkyLane Residences is a high-rise lakeside project that offers both residential and commercial units. LBS Alam Perdana being built by LSB is the area’s next key development. At Bandar Saujana Putra, LSB is centered on facilitating community building and accessibility.

Belong To A Neighborhood In Kita @ Cybersouth

Own a property with LBS today! Whether it’s a family or a first-time buyer, Kita @ Cybersouth units are fitted to all types of house owners. Their values of excellent, sustainability and sound design are reflected inside the spaces and developments spearheaded by LBS. Study more about beli rumah di Putrajaya at Kita @ Cybersouth at https://lbs.com.my/.

Learn to Invest in Stocks Like Warren Buffett

As you start accumulating wealth, you will reach a point in your life where it no longer makes sense to simply working for money. At this point, you will start considering investing a portion of your savings to let it grow by itself. Another question arises, what do you invest in? Properties, gold, or business? Or, is stock investing the answer?

A Look Into Stock Investing

There is no such thing as a risk-free investment, and stock investing is no exception. This is why investors should always equip themselves with knowledge before getting started, such as at least joining investing classes (or “belajar saham“, as the phrase goes in Malay) from a trusted education provider. Make a wrong move and listen to stock tips too often, you might find yourself in trouble with a high risk of losing your investment capital. So, be careful!

How to Protect Your Investment

Hearing about the risk probably has a lot of investors scared. The thought of losing your hard-earned money alone is scary. Instead of being fearful, we should actually find a way to learn to invest safely. That comes only with knowledge. When it comes to stocks, value investing has become a popular method, all thanks to the living legend, Warren Buffett.

Invest in the Right Business

Not all stocks are right for you. According to Buffett, the first rule of investing is to understand the nature of the business of the company you are putting your money in. Think of yourself as a banker, you shouldn’t simply give your money to any company. Instead, study their business model and determine if they have growth potential.

Invest in the Right Management

Leadership can make or break a company. Under this second factor, you should examine the management, especially the key executives on whether they have the right skills and experience to steer the company forward. This part is slightly tricky since it is quite a subjective matter. However, when done right, you may end up finding yourselves companies with the next Steve Jobs as the CEO.

Invest at the Right Price

The rule in value investing is to never overpay for a stock. To know this, you need to first master the way to evaluate the actual value of a stock. This is called the intrinsic value. By using various valuation models, you can determine the right entry price which helps to lower your risk in the future.

Money is in the Waiting

More often than not, amateurs tend to get anxious every time their stocks go up and down. This has led many investors to make rash decisions, which eventually cost them their investment. To steer clear of this mistake, make sure you invest with a clear mind. One practical way to do that is to log your investment actions in a journal.

How Do You Increase Your Knowledge?

If you are a beginner investor, it is highly recommended that you invest in knowledge first. This will save you a lot of investment mistake in the future. If you are a shariah investor in Malaysia, Bijak Labur does offer a free webinar to the public. Feel free to reach out to their website to get more information: https://bijaklabur.com/belajar-saham/

P.s. Note that this class is conducted in the Malay language.

Good luck!